Select Best Mode for Each Segment of Your Shipment

Are you plagued by increasing fuel costs and surcharges from long-haul trucking? Or is your department under pressure to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and jump on the global sustainability band wagon? Or maybe you are one of those companies with fragile merchandise and want to reduce the risk for damage or loss of your goods.

BOSS Engineered Logistics knows that intermodal transportation solutions, particularly shipping by rail, solves many transportation challenges for companies, whether you want to reduce cargo handling or shipment time, or you want to have some impressive “green” numbers to put in your sustainability report at the end of the year.

Our specialty is evaluating your needs and identifying and recommending the most appropriate modes of transportation for each segment of your freight shipment. We coordinate truck to rail, port or plane, or the other way around, or any other combination of multiple transportation modes from pick-up to delivery that meet your shipment needs and reduce your costs. We also provide access to a combination of 20-foot, 40-foot and 53-foot shipping containers.

Our Services

You can rely on BEL to coordinate your:

  • Domestic, including transcontinental, intermodal services
  • International intermodal transportation shipments (air, ocean)
  • Cross-border and drayage services
  • Expedited intermodal services
  • Seamless rail freight services

Our years of experience brokering freight loads across all modes of transportation gives us the knowledge and understanding to evaluate the services levels and transit times of transportation vendors to determine the best options to meet your needs. Our expertise gives us the ability to ask the right questions, negotiate the best rates and recommend the best, quickest, most cost-effective shipment delivery options.

If you would like to learn more about how we can meet your intermodal and/or rail freight needs, email or call us at 855-890-8317 to schedule a free consultation.

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Benefits of Shipping
Freight Via Rail

  • Avoidance of fuel surcharges
  • Lower fuel costs
  • More economical for transcontinental transportation
  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Consistent access to capacity
  • Reliable shipment times
  • Better security due to less time in storage
  • Less risk of damage due to reduced cargo handling