Become a Carrier with BEL

Become a Freight Carrier with BOSS Engineered Logistics

BOSS Engineered Logistics (BEL) takes great pride in meeting our customers' expectations safely and on time. This is accomplished by working with the industry's best freight carriers. Our certification process requires freight carriers to comply satisfactorily with the FMCSA CSA safety ratings, insurance coverage requirements, and the BEL minimum years in service standards.

BEL offers its freight carriers competitive pay, access to loads throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and a team of logistics coordinator associates that ensure you get the support you need. Below is a link to an online registration site that will walk you through the steps to apply to become a carrier for BEL. If you have problems with onboarding, please call: 800-866-5500 x7639.

Quick Pay Program:

BEL offers the following quick pay program, in addition to the normal 21-day pay period.

For your convenience, BEL will pay freight carriers via Comdata within 48 hours of receiving the original paperwork, for a minimum processing fee of 3%.

Typical Factoring Company BOSS Engineered Logistics
Load Pays $1,000 Load Pays $1,000
Funding @ 85% $850 Funding @ 100% $1,000
Factoring Cost @ 3.5% $35 Factoring Cost @ 3.0% $30
Total Paid within 24 Hours $815 Total Paid within 48 Hours $970

To ensure the security (chain of possession) of your company's payment, BEL will issue freight carriers a Comdata card. The freight carrier can set up the Comdata card and access settlement funds to wire into your company bank account, use the card at any Comdata Truckstop, or use the card at an ATM Machine.

Please contact BOSS Engineering Logistics’ Program Administrator at 800-866-5500 EXT. 225 for an information packet.

Payment Processing 

NOTE: The following is required by our billing department upon delivery of a load:

  • A signed rate confirmation.
  • A company invoice that includes the total amount due as well as the remit to address.
  • All ORIGINAL delivery bills of lading, signed by the customer, without any notation of damage, shortage or delay.


TIA Bond $250,000
BEL Bonded through TIA

As a licensed property broker, BEL has demonstrated to TIA its integrity and financial responsibility, and therefore is operating under their $250,000 bond program.  View the certificate.