Need Help Managing Your Transport and Logistics?

BOSS Engineered Logistics (BEL) offers a seasoned team of project managers to manage your transportation management or warehouse management projects from cradle to grave.

Whether you need boots on the ground at a dock to coordinate a shipment of plate steel coming off an ocean vessel, assistance with truck mobilization or management of intermodal transportation logistics, we offer a full suite of services and highly experienced industry experts to help you meet or exceed your organization’s goals and expectations.

We embrace the Project Management Institute’s idea that there is a strong correlation between an organization’s capabilities in project and program management and the organization’s effectiveness in implementing strategy. Today’s 3PL and transportation marketplace is increasing in complexity daily, as are today’s logistics projects. BEL excels at providing solutions to these complex and difficult problems.project-management-wall

Our project management services include:

  • Gap analysis: current state vs. desired state
  • Develop project scope, parameters and constraints
  • Define and benchmark present conditions and operations processes
  • Define specific operational requirements and project exceptions
  • Evaluation of client expectations and technical requirements
  • Conceptual objectives and strategic goals design
  • Development of project budget
  • Defining supporting infrastructure needs
  • Detailed project organization and execution plan
  • Operation plans and identify support resources
  • Support vendor/service provider compliance and organization
  • Project management teams constructed and personnel requirements
  • Master time line scheduling
  • Project communication systems
  • Implementation management support service with milestone definition
  • Project cost management and metric management
  • Vendor/contractor audit payment processes
  • Post-project compliance and reporting 

If you would like to learn more about how we manage complex transportation projects to help increase efficiency and reduce costs, email or call us at 855-890-8317 to set up a free consultation. 

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